Advanced Materials Research

Volume 213

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Yu Li, Kun Kun Wang, You Wu Su, Lin Song, Gang Cao, Gang Ren

Abstract: A new type of photo-electro-chemical catalytic reactor was designed. The cathode of the reactor was made of highly pure graphite and the...

Authors: M. Johari Roudi, T. Mahmoodi

Abstract: Graphene is a 2D lattice of Carbon atoms which has a high potential to use it for hydrogen storage. In this paper we have studied...

Authors: Yi Nong Yan

Abstract: On the basis of theoretical research on what are mainly contained in material management for garment enterprises and subsequent to our...

Authors: Ying Lin Li, Su Ying Chen, Lian He Yang, Li Hui Cao

Abstract: How to achieve a realistic computer simulated effect of plain knitted fabric was explored in this article based on analyzing the geometric...

Authors: Daavood Mirahmadi Khaki, Vahid Alizaadeh Otaaghvar, Masoud Mirahmadi Khaki

Abstract: Thermomechnical processing and controlled rolling of microalloyed steel sheets are affected by several factors according to the final...

Authors: Chong Jing Yan, Yan Song

Abstract: Manufacturing enterprises are eager for a single source of product data(SSPD). But SSPD is just a idea without supporting of a specific...

Authors: Tao Feng, Bin Liu, Jing Wang, Xue Wu, Nan Li

Abstract: The normal absorption coefficient of the multilayer material was studied in this research. A measurement duct system was established at...

Authors: Yong Shou Yang, Xiong Yi, Peng Hu, Qiang Dong

Abstract: Aiming at the service performance characteristics of cement concrete pavement, this paper puts forward optimized design concept for groove...

Authors: Li Lei

Abstract: The effect of economic diversification on regional economic development has received considerable attention from regional scientists and a...

Authors: Li Zhang, Ke Xing Song, Yan Min Zhang, Qing Wang, Wei Feng Liu

Abstract: The Cu-1.1Cr alloys performed in this paper were prepared by thermal deformation + solution treatment + cold deformation + aging treatment +...


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