Advanced Materials Research

Volume 213

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Tao Xu, Zhi Li Sun, Jia Lian Shi

Abstract: This paper presents a novel, precision, maneuverable, 3-DOF translational parallel mechanism. The mechanism’s important feature is that all...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin

Abstract: A case study was conducted to explore the mixed media creative artwork, a picture book hand-drawn by an 8-year old child. First, the...

Authors: Jing Chen Xie

Abstract: This study explores the computer-aided design with 3ds Max by the students from the Department of Commercial Design of a Technology...

Authors: Te Li Su, Fu Chen Kung, Yu Lin Kuo

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to improve the qualities of thin wall part injection molding using polypropylene. The shape of injection...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhang, Xin Sun, Nan Ge

Abstract: In order to improve the photocatalytic activity of TiO2, the optimal catalytic conditions of TiO2 and niobate as well as the composite TiO2...

Authors: Jung Chang Wang, Yu Pin Tsai

Abstract: Diving regulator converts the compressed air in a tank into atmosphere air for divers and plays a very important role of SCUBA diving...

Authors: Guo Wei Gao, Wen Jie He, Chen Li, Jian Kun Hu

Abstract: Production wastewater (PWW) produced at water treatment plants is an inescapable byproduct and most of it has long been treated as a waste....

Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Jun Fu Wei, Huan Zhang, Kong Yin Zhao, Li Juan Mu, Miao Wang, Jian Zheng

Abstract: In this work, an acrylic-polypropylene grafting copolymer (PP-g-AA) was prepared by 60Co γ-rays irradiation grafting with acrylic acid (AA)...

Authors: Bao Sheng Zhao, Yang Gao, Ying Tao Zhao

Abstract: Cheng’s refined theory is extended to investigate torsional circular shaft of cubic quasicrystal, and Lur’e method about harmonic function...

Authors: Qing Chun Wang, Hao Long Niu, Guo Quan Wang, Yu Xin Wang

Abstract: Different aluminum foam filling lengths were used to increase the bending energy absorbing capacity of the popularly used hat sections....


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