Advanced Materials Research

Volume 213

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhao, Yong Ming Yang, Jiu Chuan Chen, Quan Xing Wen, Li Tao Zhang, Shou Xue Zhang, Zhao Kun Ren, Xiang Nan Wu, Yu Wei Gao

Abstract: In this paper, a new type steel plate with nano-layered martensite lath structure was produced by heavy cold-rolling. After rolling,...

Authors: Zong Xian Yang, Xiao Hu Yu, Zhan Sheng Lu, Xian Qi Dai

Abstract: The catalytic properties of the Pt3Ni(111) surface with Pt-skin [denoted as Pt-skin Pt3Ni(111)] are investigated through the adsorption and...

Authors: Kee Rong Wu, Chung Hsuang Hung, Chung Wei Yeh, Hao Cheng Chang, Jui Ching Sun

Abstract: Three types of visible-light enabled titanium oxide (TiO2) films deposited on indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates at different levels of...

Authors: Juan Hou, Hai Bin Cao, Xu Chu Huang, Chun Yan Song

Abstract: Dysprosium (Dy) ion implanted CdTe polycrystalline thin film (PTF) deposited on the ceramic substrate by the close spaced sublimation (CSS)...

Authors: Ming Jer Jeng, Wen Kai Lei, Wei Lun Ku, Liann Be Chang, Ching Wen Wu, Yong Tian Lu, Sung Cheng Hu

Abstract: Molybdenum (Mo) thin films were deposited on soda-lime glass substrate by using RF magnetron sputtering. As is well known, base pressure in...

Authors: Zhan Sheng Lu, Zong Xian Yang, Kersti Hermansson

Abstract: First-principles electronic structures calculations of the adsorption properties of Cu and Ni on the ceria(111) surface are presented. The...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to create art media of picture books for children using mixed media coatings. In the beginning, through...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to complete the creative artworks colored using mixed media for the picture books which come as free gifts with...

Authors: Jing Chen Xie

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to provide necessary test management and security surveillance for players of long distance competitions...

Authors: Ming Juan Zhao, Na Li, Long Zhi Zhao, Xiao Lan Zhang

Abstract: Mechanical properties of the co-continuous SiC/Al composites were simulated using the ANSYS software in this paper, and Kelvin model was...


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