Advanced Materials Research

Volume 213

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Lin Lin

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to help the Digital Opportunity Center (DOC) located in Chushang, Central Taiwan. With the concept of social...

Authors: Shi Hu Shu, Dong Zhang

Abstract: This paper describes a project to integrate EPANET, Giris and SCADA to assist water engineers in assessing the water distribution system in...

Authors: Le Feng Wang, Bin Guo, Gui Ming Huang, Wei Bin Rong, Li Ning Sun

Abstract: Adhesion of solid surfaces plays a significant role in many technical fields especially at micro and nano scale. The effect of asperity...

Authors: Bao Sheng Zhao, Jia Lian Shi, Ying Tao Zhao, Yang Gao

Abstract: Gregory’s decomposed theorem of isotropic plate is extended to investigate torsional circular shaft of cubic quasicrystal with homogeneous...

Authors: Chung Wei Yeh

Abstract: A cost-effective multimedia learning system, RICEM, for reciprocating internal combustion engines was proposed in this study. This system...

Authors: Lin Liu, Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper presents an evaluating method to optimize the sustainable development of high-speed railway (HSR). HSR is a quickly expanding...

Authors: Jeong Hwan Jang, Byeong Don Joo, Sung Min Mun, Young Hoon Moon

Abstract: Studies on the forming characteristics by a rotary swaging process using the sub-scale specimens have been carried out to obtain a shell...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Xie, Jing Yang, Yu Zheng Teng, Lan Lan

Abstract: Aiming at the problem that there is no research result in the complex products processing and assemble integrated scheduling problem with...

Authors: Qin Man Fan, Qin Man Fan

Abstract: Being the ability of global optimization, MOPSO algorithm have some virtue such as high calculate velocity, good solution quality, great...

Authors: Qi Lie Liu, Ying Jun Pan, Hui Feng Yan, Xin Li, Meng Wei Zhu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the principle and performance of routing algorithm in intermittently connected sensor networks, and proposes an enhanced...


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