Advanced Materials Research

Volume 213

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Tao Zhou, Hai Cheng Yang, Ming Wei Wang, Shi Kai Jing, Rong Mo

Abstract: Surviving in an increasing globalization, distribution and flexibility environment, modern manufacturing requires an extremely flexible,...

Authors: Heng Fei Ding, Yu Xin Zhang, Wan Sheng He, Xiao Ya Yang

Abstract: Firstly, using matrix transform method, we transform the Riesz space fractional diffusion equation into an ordinary differential equation,...

Authors: Yan Jun Liu, Chun Ying Lv, Jia Yang

Abstract: A series of poly(acrylic acid)(PAA)-graft-polypropylene membranes was prepared by UV-irradiation.The water flux of original PP membrane...

Authors: M.M. Rahman, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan, M.M. Noor, K. Kadirgama, Rosli A. Bakar

Abstract: This paper presents the influence of EDM parameters in terms of peak ampere, pulse on time and pulse off time on surface roughness of...

Authors: Xiao Lei Zhang, Jun Jie Li, Zun Xin Huang, Yong Hao Chen

Abstract: A drainage experiment on chain concrete blocks with ecological function has carried out to study their mechanical properties. This paper...

Authors: Xing Wang Duan, Xiao Hong You, Ji Hong Tian

Abstract: In this paper, the methods of electromagnetic stirring and isothermal extruding were used to study the semi-solid forming performance of...

Authors: M.M. Rahman, Hemin M. Mohyaldeen, M.M. Noor, K. Kadirgama, Rosli A. Bakar

Abstract: Modeling and simulation are indispensable when dealing with complex engineering systems. This study deals with intelligent techniques...

Authors: Li Jiang, Fei Ma, Ai Jun Gu, Li Jun Zhang

Abstract: Activated carbon(AC)were prepared from lignin by chemical activation with sodium hydroxide(NaOH). The influence of activation...

Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Min Wang

Abstract: The biosorption of C. I. Reactive Red, from aqueous solutions by calcium alginate immobilized Penicilium sp. biomass was studied in a batch...

Authors: Suo Kui Tan, Xiao Ping Song, Li Qiao, Hong Yan Guo, Song Ji, Hong Zhao

Abstract: By means of mechanical properties test and microstructure graph observation,the relationship of heat treatment temperature of core-shell...


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