Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Natthapong Muangtrairat, Vishnu Rachpech, Lek Sikong

Abstract: This paper describes the photoactive and antibacterial properties of TiO2, Fe3+/TiO2 and N/TiO2 thin films on 304 stainless steel substrate...

Authors: Kristína Demianová, Miroslav Sahul, Mária Behúlová, Milan Turňa

Abstract: The contribution deals with the initial design and numerical simulation of brazing process for components of solar collectors from...

Authors: Qing Ling Zhong, De Wu Liu, Fan Rong Liu

Abstract: Epidermal stem cells are essential in wound healing, but their amount and activity are decreased in diabetes which contributes to the...

Authors: Mária Behúlová, David Aišman, Hana Jirková, Bohuslav Mašek

Abstract: Semi-solid forming processes belong to the progressive technologies which can be exploited for the manufacturing products with complicated...

Authors: M.P. Vani, N. Mythili

Abstract: The available bandwidth (avail-bw) in a network path is of major importance in congestion control, streaming applications,...

Authors: Jian Xin Zhang, Ai Hua Gao

Abstract: Influence of the off line heating treatment parameter on the microstructure of a high strength steel plate was studied system previously....

Authors: Nian Chun Lü, Yun Hong Cheng, Yun Tao Wang

Abstract: By the approaches of complex variable functions, two dynamic propagation problems of mode Ⅲ interface crack were researched. The problems...

Authors: Amin Firouzi, Shafreeza Sobri, Faizah Mohd Yasin, Fakhru'l Razi Ahmadun

Abstract: This research was carried out to investigate the effect of gas adsorption towards the electrical resistance of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) thin...

Authors: Zineb Hamlati, A. Guittoum, S. Bergheul, N. Souami, K. Taibi, M. Azzaz

Abstract: Nanocrystalline Fe72Al28 alloy samples were prepared by the mechanical alloying process using planetary high-energy ball mill. The alloy...

Authors: Hai Yan Kuang, Jia Hong He, Qiang Xu, Zhong Rong Song

Abstract: A Gold nanoparticles-L-alanine modified glass electrode has been successfully fabricated by using layer-by-layer self-assembly technology...


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