Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yueh Cheng, Cheng Chung Wu, W Hsiang Lin

Abstract: This paper has debated between fractional and two part models in the context of default behaviour, applications where a large proportion of...

Authors: Zhao Qing Lu, Mei Yun Zhang, Li Hua, Guang Yun Zhu

Abstract: In order to improve the properties of mica paper, aramid fiber and PVA fiber were employed in mica paper as additive. Aramid fiber can act...

Authors: Bao Feng Li, Wen Tong Xin, Feng Wen Liu, Hai Hua Zhu, Qi Li

Abstract: It is studied in this paper that in the manual SHS Welding, the amount of Ni added affects the quality of the welding, especially in view of...

Authors: Zheng Zai Cheng, Xiao Chao Yan, Yu Jing Nie, Rui Lei, Su Su Lin

Abstract: A new carbon bridged cyclopentadienyl chromium complex of the type [ (C5H4)C(CH3)2 CH2(C5H4N) ]CrCl2 was prepared by treatment of...

Authors: Xi Feng Qin, Shuang Li, Feng Xiang Wang, Yi Liang

Abstract: It is very important to consider the distribution of range, range straggling and lateral spread of ions implanted into semiconductor...

Authors: Jin Zhou, Yu Feng Jin, En Guang Dai, Zhi Jian Yang, Bo Shen

Abstract: 500nm AlGaN thick layer with AlGaN/GaN MQW interlayer was grown on sapphire substrate for UV detector and resonant tunneling diodes by MOCVD...

Authors: Qiang Shi, Fu Cheng Bao, Jian Xiong Lu, Jing Hui Jiang

Abstract: In this study the effect of high temperature on color change of okan wood was investigated. Wood specimens were subjected to heat treatment...

Authors: Xiang Chen, Xue Feng Zhou, Yong Zhang

Abstract: Material is the precondition for the implementation of building engineering project. Material procurement cycle and quality directly related...

Authors: Guo Qi Xu, Jun Liang Liu, Sheng Hui Hu, Xue Hua Wang

Abstract: Populus ussuriensis has been widely used in furniture and building. However, it was easy to be decay. When it was treated by water...

Authors: Xue Hua Wang, Jun Liang Liu, Guo Qi Xu, Yu Bo Chai

Abstract: Taken the eucalyptus pellita treated for example, this article introduced the microstructure of wood without heat-treatment and...


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