Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Jiao Wang, Hai Yun Lin

Abstract: Active queue management algorithm works at network routing node. It notifies terminal system control transmission rate in advance with...

Authors: Zhan Xin Liu

Abstract: There are many benchmark problems in computational aeroacoustics (CAA) and acoustic mode in the annular duct with uniform mean flow is a...

Authors: Xiao Min Yu, Xiao Kun Yu, Yang Hu

Abstract: Based on the gas-solid reactions in porous media model kinetic experiments, using the fuzzy neural network and adaptive fuzzy neural network...

Authors: Shao Mei Zheng, Cheng Zhao

Abstract: Plasma carburizing of AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel was carried out at low temperature to improve the surface hardness without...

Authors: Xio Ling Zhang, Hong Chao Yin, Zhao Yi Huo

Abstract: In this paper, the flexible synthesis problem for heat exchanger network(HEN) is formulated to a mixed integer nonlinear program(MINLP)...

Authors: Sheng Han Zhang, Yu Tan, Ke Xin Liang

Abstract: The effects of environmental factors, such as pH and buffer capacity, on the pitting break potential (Ebreak) and protect potential...

Authors: Gao Chang Zhao

Abstract: Waste transfer stations play an important role in waste disposal. This paper proposed a novel model for optimization location of waste...

Authors: Ni Zhao, Xun Li

Abstract: It needs to consider about providing packet scheduling algorithm based on priority for different traffic in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) to...

Authors: Jun Sheng Li, Chang Rui Zhang, Bin Li, Feng Cao, Si Qing Wang

Abstract: Boron nitride coatings have been prepared by chemical vapor deposition using borazine as single precursor at 900 °C. The effect of the total...

Authors: Xi Feng Qin, Shuang Li, Feng Xiang Wang, Yi Liang

Abstract: Due to the need to reduce electronic device sizes, it is very important to consider the depth distribution of ions implanted into a...


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