Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Chen, Jin Hui Li, Jian Gao Yang

Abstract: Composite coating is a very important part in new materials because it has special excellent physical and chemical properties, and PTFE...

Authors: Li Chin Chuang, Chin Hsiang Luo, Sing Wei Huang, Yu Cheng Wu, Yi Chin Huang

Abstract: This study investigated TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of caffeine, a stimulating drug, in aqueous suspensions of titanium dioxide under a...

Authors: Yagiz Uzunonat, Sinem Cevik Uzgur, S. Fehmi Diltemiz, Melih Cemal Kushan, Rabia Ölmez

Abstract: In this paper, the basic limitations of superalloys’ in high temperature performances will be explained and then after giving the important...

Authors: Prachya Peasura, Bovornchok Poopat

Abstract: The Inconel X-750 indicates good hot corrosion resistance, high stability and strength at high temperatures and for this reason the alloy is...

Authors: Prachya Peasura

Abstract: This research was study the effect of resistance spot welding process on physical properties. The specimen was mild steel sheet metal. The...

Authors: Wen Min Zhao, Yang Zhao, Zhi Feng Wang, Yong Yan Li, Jian Ding, Hai Tao Xue

Abstract: This paper studied the effect of Mg-Nd alloys on the ignition-proof performance of AZ91D magnesium alloy. The results showed that 0.5%Nd...

Authors: Li Hua Wang, Qi Dong Zhang, Yong Hong Zhang, Kai Zhang

Abstract: The short-time Fourier transform has the disadvantage that is does not localize time and frequency phenomena very well. Instead the...

Authors: Wei Min Zhao, Zhi Feng Wang, Hai Peng Li, Chun Ling Qin

Abstract: Thermodynamics and dynamics of Mg3Zn6Y quasicrystals in solidification process were detailedly studied in this paper. The free energy,...

Authors: Xu Dong Shi, Shou Wen Shi, Lu Zhang, Jian Li Li

Abstract: Airport runway friction coefficient is an important parameter to evaluate the quality of runway which is usually measured by runway friction...

Authors: Tao Jing, Lu Zhang, Xu Dong Shi, Li Wen Wang

Abstract: Aircraft cable fault diagnosing is considered to be most important for engineering maintenance. Several methods for cables testing have been...


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