Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Saowaluk Boonyod, Weerawan Sutthisripok, Lek Sikong

Abstract: Nanocrystalline TiO2 powder with and without Fe3+ doping were successfully synthesized at low temperature by a microwave-assisted sol–gel...

Authors: Wuttichai Phae-Ngam, Voravit Kosalathip, T. Kumpeerapun, Pichet Limsuwan, A. Dauscher

Abstract: A long pulsed laser ablation with a moving target at high speed technique was applied to prepare tellurium nanoparticles from a tellurium...

Authors: Krit Won-In, Narin Sirikulrat, Pisutti Dararutana

Abstract: Lead glass that shows a high refractive index is the best known and most popular for radiation shielding glass. Due to the toxic of lead...

Authors: Jularat Yaithongkum, Kalayanee Kooptarnond, Lek Sikong, Duangporn Kantachote

Abstract: The effect of 0.1-1 mol%Ag doping on crystallite size, morphology, photocatalytic and fungal growth suppression activities of TiO2/SnO2/SiO2...

Authors: Jian Hua Wang

Abstract: Stability reliability analysis of abutment rock of arch dam is a very complicated problem which must be studied and solved. Generally,...

Authors: Qing Ming Chang, Chang Jun Chen, Xia Chen, Si Qian Bao

Abstract: In this paper, a three-dimensional simulation model for laser-cladding processes of magnesium alloys is proposed. The applied loading is a...

Authors: Mythili Boopathi, M.P. Vani

Abstract: “Biometrics” is used to detect an intruder based on anomaly intrusion detection system. A new technique is introduced that is user profiling...

Authors: Yun Tao Wang, Nian Chun Lü

Abstract: Dislocation distribution functions of mode I dynamic crack subjected to two loads were studied by the methods of the theory of complex...

Authors: Yi Nong Yan, Xiang Ru Zhang, Dan Li, Jian Jian Xu

Abstract: Pretreatment solution which was obtained by many experiments who had a good printing effect was used to do the digital printing experiment...

Authors: Thanh Duoc Phan, Syed H. Masood, Saden H. Zahiri, Mahnaz Z. Jahedi

Abstract: Cold spray technology has the potential to be utilised in broader industrial applications especially for oxygen-sensitive materials such as...


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