Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Yan, Ju Zhang, Xian Bo Yang, Yu Hua Zhang

Abstract: Analyzed the variation reasons and its influence factors of the Lower Yellow River (LYR), the characteristics of typical water environment...

Authors: Yi Nong Yan

Abstract: Mixed paste C1 which is now used in the factory and newly developed mixed paste C2 with good seepage resistance from previous studies were...

Authors: Dan Li, Yi Nong Yan

Abstract: To resolve high expense and time-consuming of cashmere fabrics printing about the traditional batik, this paper summarizes existing batik...

Authors: Jun Yan, Biao Liang, Hui Cao, Yu Hua Zhang

Abstract: Analyzed the sediment-transport process in high sediment-laden river, the new concept and calculating method for sediment-transport water...

Authors: Yun Tao Wang, Nian Chun Lü, Cheng Jin

Abstract: By application of the theory of complex functions, the problem for mode Ⅲ dynamic crack under concentrated force were researched. The...

Authors: Jun Yan, Ju Zhang, Xian Bo Yang, Yu Hua Zhang

Abstract: The acceleration of urbanization and global warming are making urban rain-flood disaster more ordinary and more serious recently. Summing up...

Authors: Huai Zhong Chen

Abstract: The resistance-heated furnace control system has bigger lagging nature, so it is difficult to build accurate mathematic model BP neural...

Authors: Ying Yan, Wei Jin, Xiao Wu Li

Abstract: Microstructures and textures of the hot forged bar and hot-extruded tubes of Ni47Ti44Nb9 alloy as well as influence of heat treatment on...

Authors: Wei Yu Ho, Chung Hsien Yang, Wei Che Huang, Woei Yun Ho

Abstract: In this study, various multilayered TiN/CrN coatings were deposited on the SS316L stainless steel substrates by the cathodic arc deposition...

Authors: Yan Bin Huang, Gao Wei Song, Hua Dong Ding, Xue Bin Liu, Xin Hai Shao

Abstract: The solubility and cathodic protection performance of Al-Zn-In-Mg-Ga-Mn sacrificial anode in natural corrosion and self-discharge experiment...


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