Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yagiz Uzunonat, Sinem Cevik Uzgur, S. Fehmi Diltemiz, Melih Cemal Kushan

Abstract: Pest oxidation phenomena is the major drawback of MoSi2 for the applications of this material over gas turbine elements. Therefore, addition...

Authors: Medhat Hussainov, Tanel Tätte, Madis Paalo, Jonas Gurauskis, Hugo Mändar, Ants Lõhmus

Abstract: The aim of this study is investigation of the influence of the method of metal alkoxy precursors preparation on their rheological...

Authors: Jia Li, Chang Doo Kee, Sridhar Vadahanambi, Il Kwon Oh

Abstract: Fullerene reinforced electrospun cellulose Acetate(CA) nano fibers based composite dry-type actuators were newly developed. Morphology of...

Authors: Li Li Ren, Xiao Mei Pan

Abstract: Three different kinds of Al2O3 have been added to HZSM-5 for improving its activity towards selective catalytic reduction of NO with CH4 in...

Authors: Jing Song Wang, Xiu Wei An, Wan Hua Yu, Xue Feng She, Yin Gui Ding, Qing Guo Xue

Abstract: Base on reduction experimental data, considering the reduction process factors like carbon content, reductive removal of ZnO, changing size...

Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Jong Hoon Yoon, Joon Tae Yoo, Woo Hyun Cho

Abstract: By using biaxial gas-pressure forming method, it is possible to predict sheet metal forming behavior during hot forming process. The purpose...

Authors: Ming Jer Jeng, Wen Kai Lei

Abstract: The electrodeposited CuInSe2 films were investigated in this paper. The deposition parameters of various solution concentrations, applied...

Authors: Li Wen Wang, Jiang Long Wei, Lu Zhang, Guo Peng Yao

Abstract: In this paper, the Breadth-First Search algorithm is adopted to optimize the scheduling of Snow Removers for Airfield Pavement in large...

Authors: Li Chin Chuang, Chin Hsiang Luo

Abstract: Nanoindentation was used to measure the hardness and Young’s modulus of prepared-TiO2 films. The thickness and refractive index of the TiO2...

Authors: Manoj Kumar, P.L. Sah, M.G.H. Zaidi, Anupam Srivastav

Abstract: A series of wood polyacrylonitrile (PAN) composites (WPCs) were synthesized through impregnation polymerization of Eucalyptus wood...


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