Advances in Key Engineering Materials

Volume 214

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Ling Wang, Jiang Hai Shen

Abstract: The counterforce wall and pedestral is a complex system. Computer aided design technology is used to design and analyze this reinforced and...

Authors: V. Thongpool, S. Denchitcharoen, Piyapong Asanithi, Pichet Limsuwan

Abstract: Carbon nanoparticles were synthesized via laser ablation of graphite target in distilled water. The particle sizes of carbon nanoparticles...

Authors: Ya Hui Wu, Ming Ce Long, Chao Chen, Wei Min Cai

Abstract: The TiO2 films were synthesized on Ti substrates by a novel method. Titanium metal was directly oxidized by hydrogen peroxide to generate a...

Authors: Nor Bahiyah Baba, Alan Davidson, Tariq Muneer

Abstract: Nickel ceramic composite have emerged as potential corrosion, wear and thermal resistance. The present work contemplates reinforcement of...

Authors: Refat El-Sheikhy, Mosleh Al-Shamrani

Abstract: Nanocomposite made of clay minerals and polyolefin goes through several steps. During these steps materials will have changes especially in...

Authors: Milan Turňa, Jozef Ondruška, Peter Nesvadba, Mária Behúlová

Abstract: Process of cladding CuSn bronze on malleable cast iron was studied. Characteristics of welded materials are described. Preparation of welded...

Authors: Refat El-Sheikhy, Mosleh Al-Shamrani

Abstract: The relation between nanoclay and water effects is very complicated. Interactions of water and nano size type of silicate –aluminum is more...

Authors: Refat El-Sheikhy, Mosleh Al-Shamrani

Abstract: Both conventional and nano silicate minerals have importance for several fields of advanced technological research and industries. Nano clay...

Authors: Hai Li Yang, Chang Wei Cui, Yun Gang Li, Guo Zhang Tang, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: The siliconized layers were formed on the surface of hot rolled grain oriented silicon steel using a molten salt pulse electrodeposition...

Authors: Sunan Tiptipakorn, Sarawut Rimdusit, Phiriyathorn Suwanmala, Kasinee Hemvichian

Abstract: Recently, the alloys of polyurethane (PU)/polybenzoxazine (PBA-a) have been studied due to many interesting properties; however, the thermal...


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