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Authors: T. Chen, Y.F. Gu, C.P. Li, Y.Q. Qiao
Abstract:Recently, the key obstacle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) development is the higher manufacturing cost. In a PEMFC stack,...
Authors: Jian Luo, X.M. Wang, Fei Li, Quan Xiang Luo
Abstract:The ZK60 magnesium alloy sheet butt-welded in gas tungsten arc welding with different heat input are analyzed and simulated. A...
Authors: H.Y. Wang, Xu Da Qin, Qi Wang
Abstract:Helical milling is used to generate holes, in which a tool attached to the rotating spindle traverses a helical trajectory, and the diameter...
Authors: Yong Guo Wang, Xiang Ping Yan, X.G. Chen, Chang Yu Sun, G. Liu
Abstract:Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) has been widely used in airplanes, spaceships and automobiles. The cutting performance of CFRP with a...
Authors: Chong Da Lu, Peng Fei Gao, Wei Fang Wang, Dong Hui Wen
Abstract:This paper proposes a novel bipolar plate flow field of PEMFC with the intersectant microstructure. Numerical simulation about both the flow...
Authors: An Ming Li, Meng Juan Hu
Abstract:The effect of quenching temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 40Cr steel by zero time holding quenching were...
Authors: Ye Tao, Shou Fu Geng, Hou Wei Lian
Abstract:In view of the problems that Security personnel who faced with an emergency response can not be timely in the process of duty, we propose and...
Authors: Dong Xing Wang, B. Chen, C.F. Zhao, X.P. Sun
Abstract:For solving the problem of drill breakage and increasing productivity, a built-in adaptive drilling control scheme has been proposed. The...
Authors: Ying Liang Yu, S.X. Niu, De Qing Yang
Abstract:Numerical control milling machine with a special transformation can be achieved the involute path processing functions. By using Fan method...
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