Research on a Model of Order Allocation for Virtual Enterprises


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Industrial clusters can be found very often in the world, particularly in many developing countries. To build virtual enterprise based on an industrial cluster is one of the most important ways to improve the agility and competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises in the cluster. One of the key factors towards the success of virtual enterprises is the correct selection of cooperative partners in the virtual enterprise. An approach of order allocation and partner selection in the environment of industrial clusters is proposed. This approach is composed of two stages: task-resource matching and quantitative evaluation. In the first stage the potential candidates are identified and in the second stage evolutionary programming is applied to deal with partner selection and order allocation problem. The target function, in which the load rate of candidate enterprise is taken as the main variable, is developed, and a simplified example is used to verify the feasibility of the proposed approach. The result suggests that the proposed model and the algorithm obtain satisfactory solutions.



Edited by:

Congda Lu






H. F. Wang "Research on a Model of Order Allocation for Virtual Enterprises", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 215, pp. 282-285, 2011

Online since:

March 2011





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