Dumping Tags Based on Active RFID


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In view of the problems that Security personnel who faced with an emergency response can not be timely in the process of duty, we propose and establish a monitoring system based on active RFID technology. The system uses active RFID Reader and the communication protocol between Reader and the host computer to monitor the status of security personnel. Tag’s configuration allows more flexible application of the tag and we can use the configuration to change the parameters of the tag. The tag's size is small and it has flexible applicability and strong adaptability. Test results showed that the tag’s test frequency can be controlled to 10HZ and 400HZ, and monitoring can also set their own threshold. The rate of Reader is 100%, and the tag can launch to about 100 meter. The system not only solves security system faced with an emergency problem, but also for long distance transmission of RFID provides a theoretical basis.



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Congda Lu






Y. Tao et al., "Dumping Tags Based on Active RFID", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 215, pp. 29-32, 2011

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March 2011




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