Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Volume 215

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H. Xu, S.Q. Liu

Abstract: The radial vibration of an annular ultrasonic concentrator with edge section is studied. Based on the electromechanical analogy, the radial...

Authors: H.Y. Qiao, Yi Ze Sun, Yang Xu, Zhi Jun Sun

Abstract: Focusing on the high poitr consumption and slow dynamic response of the electromagnetic clutch in the tufted carpet jacquard system, this...

Authors: Dong Yang

Abstract: Product configuration is a key enabling technology for implementing mass customization production. In this paper, we present an approach for...

Authors: Yong Zhan, Yu Guang Zhong, Hai Tao Zhu

Abstract: Preemptive open-shop scheduling problem was studied, and a network flow based algorithm was presented. Firstly, based on the characteristics...

Authors: Ye Tao, Y.C. Yuan

Abstract: This article deploys an exploratory development of super rice High-performance transplanter transplanting mechanism with non-circular Gears...

Authors: Ji Peng Liu, Fang Yan, H.L. Zhao

Abstract: Visualization in scientific computing technology can be used in architecture industry and related field, to transform three-dimensional data...

Authors: Qiao Ling Yuan, Shi Ming Ji, Da Peng Tan, Li Zhang, Y.C. Wang

Abstract: As it was difficult to solve the near wall characteristics of flow field in softness abrasive flow machining (SAFM) on mould structural...

Authors: S. Guan

Abstract: Through the survey of the use of leisure chair in elderly people’s leisure life, we grasp the needs features of elderly people for leisure...

Authors: B. Jiang, Chun Fu Lu, Xiao Jian Liu

Abstract: Considering the demands for product ergonomics design, the paper proposed a driven design method for product’s shape and structure design...

Authors: L. Duan, Xue Wen Wang, Zhao Jian Yang

Abstract: Based on ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET and ANSYS APDL command, a mine hoist spindle distributed collaborative CAE services system was...


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