Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Volume 215

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Fang Wang, J. Zhang, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: Based on a novel polishing method named as acoustic levitation polishing. Analysis of the basic principles of acoustic levitation polishing....

Authors: San Pin Zhou

Abstract: According to the requirements of hydraulic pressure controlling system of the State 863 Plan of China: “the development of cased hole twin...

Authors: Fang Feng, Guo Jun Hu, Hui Pan

Abstract: In this paper, using PRO / E Master Part to top-down design of parts and products. Adoption of this approach can be consistent with the...

Authors: Guo Jun Hu, Zhi Quan Hong

Abstract: In this paper, the analysis and method of forming for cold extrusion die of precision gears is analyzed. The basic principle and progress of...

Authors: Hai Bo Lin, Zhe Guang Hu, Wen Hui Zhao

Abstract: Tyre tread pattern mainly accounts for tyre performance and its endurance. In tyre mold processing, pattern block processing is...

Authors: Y.S. Lv, Nan Li, Jun Wang, Tian Zhang, Min Duan, Xue Ling Xing

Abstract: In order to make the contact pressure distribution of polishing wafer surface more uniform during chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), a...

Authors: Y.T. Liu, C.F. Lu

Abstract: LED is getting more and more attention in the application of LED outdoor lighting design, this articles focus on the irrationality of...

Authors: J.J. Xiao, L. Feng

Abstract: The squeezed disk cast-in-place pile has good characteristics of load and economic benefit in architecture. Because of the complicated load...

Authors: Y.J. Tang, Yang Yu Wang, S.M. Ji, X. Zhang, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: Cutting forces generated in broaching have a direct influence on the generation of heat, tool wear or failure, quality of machined surface...

Authors: T.L. Yang, H.J. Yang, Hong Wen Zhang

Abstract: Using of Pro/E Integrated Mechanical Structure Analysis Module, the structural analysis of scraper and brush on picking unit under a certain...


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