Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Volume 215

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Qiang Ying, Ling Dong Wu, Yi Wang, Liang Yi Li

Abstract: Universal shaft is widely used to transfer the torque and rotational movement from the drive shaft to the slave while position of one shaft...

Authors: B.F. Gu, J.Q. Su, H.Y. Kong, Guo Lian Liu

Abstract: . Based on 3D point-cloud data of human body, this paper probes rules research on width of pieces of pants. First, get the point-cloud...

Authors: Hai Bo Lin, Guo Zhe Yang

Abstract: It is difficult to balance long travel and high precision, especially in multi-coordinate machining. A stage with nanometer positioning...

Authors: Z.W. Wang, G.Q. Pan, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: This keynote paper aims at introducing applications of ultrasonic radiation force in industry. The chosen focus is to understand how to use...

Authors: Guo Qing Zhang, Hai Bo Lin

Abstract: In this paper, the engine crankshaft remanufacturing life was estimated before and after. As long as the known material properties, loading,...

Authors: Y.X. Shen, Ke Hua Zhang, Y.C. Chen, H.W. Zhu, K. Fei

Abstract: Vibrating screen sifts materials via screen mesh, vibration displacement and velocity. In order to completing optimal design of vibrating...

Authors: Y.W Zhao, H.H. Hong, J. Chen, N. Su

Abstract: In order to evaluate the quality of hardware products comprehensively and objectively, an evaluation model of extension multilevel...

Authors: Hong Fei Wang

Abstract: Industrial clusters can be found very often in the world, particularly in many developing countries. To build virtual enterprise based on an...

Authors: Zhi Xin Li, Shi Ming Ji, Li Zhang, Qiao Ling Yuan, Ming Sheng Jin

Abstract: Damping in built-up structures is often caused by energy dissipation or energy loss due to micro-slip along frictional interfaces...

Authors: Xiao Wang, Cong Da Lu, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: Experimental research on the surface quality parameters such as roughness and removal rate in the precision lapping of sapphire was promoted...


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