Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Volume 215

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Ping Jin, M.M. Ding, J. Yu, C. Xiang

Abstract: By integrating a number of different disciplines, rapid prototyping and manufacturing technology (RPM) is capable of forming parts with...

Authors: Hong Ping Xu, J.F. Lu, Fu Qiang Ying

Abstract: Finite element numerical simulation, Cold-rolled AL1100, Cross wedge rolling Abstract. The geometrical and physical models of a ladder shaft...

Authors: Y.X. Chen, F.L. Deng, D. Xu, Rui Kang

Abstract: Based on the study of the effect of parametric variation of quartz flexible accelerometer in storage condition, the varying mechanism and...

Authors: Xue Jun Nie, Ping Dong Wu, Hong Qi Luo, G.J. Xiong, Xiao Hua Tang

Abstract: Interpolation algorithm is the core of control software in numerical control system. Some usual interpolation algorithms of CNC system were...

Authors: Jin Xing Kong, Yong Cheng Zheng, X.K. Wang

Abstract: Thin wall spherical shell is easy to deform at the process of turning because the low rigidity. In order to improve process precision of the...

Authors: Hai Gang Sun, Yong Zhou

Abstract: Aiming at the complexity of kinetic analysis of spatial mechanism by analytical method, an analysis model is established in 3D Cartesian...

Authors: Jun Zhong Guo, Jun Ping Yang

Abstract: The impression on-off mechanism is an important part of the offset press, the design and manufacture have relationship with the performance...

Authors: Jun Ping Yang, Jun Zhong Guo, X. Wang

Abstract: Plate cylinder is the core component of the offset printing unit to complete the image transfer. The plate cylinder’s deformation will occur...

Authors: F.R. Tian, Z.C. Han

Abstract: Force conducted to boom and stick is analyzed by complicated elements divide of FEM, it shows that the more the box section is, the more...

Authors: X.D. Yan, H. Guan, Y.F. Cui

Abstract: Infrared sensors and fuzzy control integrates in this article, which is used to avert obstacle. It overcomes some difficulties in avoiding...


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