Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology II

Volume 215

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.K. Mao, H. Xu, L. Xue

Abstract: For the sake of achieving the feeding system to be automated designed, the automatic merging model of the casting hot spot set up based on...

Authors: Zong Yan Wang, Shu Fang Wu, Hui Bin Qin, L.M. Xiao

Abstract: Related models of mechanical products design are investigated through exploring the relevant biological inheritance laws. Drawing on the...

Authors: X.W. Wang, S.F. Wu, H.B. Qin, Z.Y. Wang

Abstract: According to the crane’s bridge structure assembly characteristics, taking advantages of 3D CAD software about “top-down” parameterization...

Authors: Wei Ren, Zhi Hui Xia, C.Q. Han

Abstract: As the consumer market in the optics, electronics and aerospace industries grows, the profile accuracy demand for ultra-precision flat,...

Authors: W.H. Sun, W.C. Lu, D.Y. Lin

Abstract: In order to realize the complex product rapid configuration design in the environment of mass configuration (MC), the non-dominated sorting...

Authors: Jian Qiang Zhou, Zhao Zhong Zhou

Abstract: The design of the virtual prototyping frame construction, the work flow and its method of the realization on the air compressor are to be...

Authors: J.Y. Yang, Z.H. Cheng, Zhong Kai Li

Abstract: The rationality of design resource reusable model is the key to judging whether a mass customization system has adequate flexibility and...

Authors: J.L. Xu, Shi Ming Ji, Z.P. Fang

Abstract: Autonomous nodes distribution, including their relations, real time quality and network communication in abrasive flow precision machining...

Authors: Li Lin, X.S. Ran, Tian Hong Luo, H.B. Wei

Abstract: A rapid development method of motorcycle styling design based on reverse Computer Aid Design (CAX) digital technology is addressed. The main...

Authors: H.Z. Zhao, F.L. Yin

Abstract: The system structure of missile parameterized design is put forward to solve the repeat problems in the process of designing and...


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