The Application of Genetic Algorithm in Layout Design of Oil Rig Driller Console


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In order to avoid the shortage of subjective judgment, carrying on the human-machine interface layout scientifically, this paper put forward that the genetic algorithm was applied to the layout design of oil rig driller console. Using real number coding, combining with human-machine interface layout principles to establish the mathematical model, genetic algorithm was adopted to optimize the layout. Developed an intelligent layout optimization system on basis of VB, and took the layout scheme formation process of the manipulators which on the right hand area of driller console as an example to explain the system. Theory and example analysis showed that the algorithm could generate the layout scheme quickly and effectively, solved the problem that layout principles were difficult to be quantize in the traditional layout design and the quality of layout was hard to judge, and to a certain extent, has realized automatic layout.



Edited by:

Yuhang Yang, Xilong Qu, Yiping Luo and Aimin Yang






B. Chen and L. Deng, "The Application of Genetic Algorithm in Layout Design of Oil Rig Driller Console", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 216, pp. 171-175, 2011

Online since:

March 2011





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