Applications of Y2O2S: Eu+Fe2O3 Materials in Fluorescence Fiber System


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A set of fluorescence optical fiber temperature measurement system is designed based on Y2O2S:Eu+Fe2O3. The system is mainly composed of the following parts: excitated illuminant, probe, photoelectric detector, belt wave filter, zero checking and fluorescence life-span measurement device. The fluorescence matters give out light when they are stimulated by external light. Fluorescence intensity and life-span depend on the fluorophore temperature. Fluorescence life-span is fluorescence materials’ inherence characteristic, we can realize temperature's absolut measurement by carrying out this measurement, and it has very good sensitiveness and measure accuracy within the low and middle temperature range. Fluorescence frequency is identical with exciting light since exciting light is modulated to a fixed frequency. Y2O2S:Eu+Fe2O3 is a new material handled by Y2O2S:Eu with red pigment of ferric oxide, while the corresponding wave crest’s intensity of Y2O2S:Eu+Fe2O3 is 9 times higher than Y2O2S:Eu nearly a magnitude. The experiment of the optical spectrum to several sensitive materials confirms the match that Y2O2S:Eu+Fe2O3 is with light source and the feasibility of the system.



Edited by:

Yuhang Yang, Xilong Qu, Yiping Luo and Aimin Yang






S. T. Wang et al., "Applications of Y2O2S: Eu+Fe2O3 Materials in Fluorescence Fiber System", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 216, pp. 409-413, 2011

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March 2011




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