Densification of TiCN Matrix Cermets by Microwave Sintering


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TiCN matrix cermets were prepared by using traditional sintering and microwave sintering. The effect of sintering methods, sintering temperature and protective atmosphere to the densification process of as prepared material were discussed. The results show that microwave sintering can short the sintering time than the traditional sintering, but it need higher temperature to obtain approximate density. At 1500°C,holding 5min, vacuum microwave sintering can gain relative density of 99.5%. The relative density of TiCN matrix cermets under argon shield is lower than vacuum microwave sintering, and the microscopic particles is more small, but the uniformity of pore is reduced. Microwave sintering can greatly reduce energy consumption.



Edited by:

Yuhang Yang, Xilong Qu, Yiping Luo and Aimin Yang




S. W. Tang et al., "Densification of TiCN Matrix Cermets by Microwave Sintering", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 216, pp. 579-582, 2011

Online since:

March 2011




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