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Authors: Chen Sheng Lin, Wen Dan Cheng, Wei Long Zhang
Abstract:Using the first-principle DFT method, the band structure and density of state are investigated. Then using the anharmonic oscillator model,...
Authors: Jie Jin, Xi Kong, Lan Lan Zhao
Abstract:Using the Least Mean Square (LMS) algorithm, this paper simulates two smart antenna models under the same signal environment. By analyzing...
Authors: Chun Min Ma, Cun Feng Kang, Jian Wu Yang, Ren Yuan Fei
Abstract:With the development of numerically control and digital drive, it is a trend to put the Electronic Line-Shaft (ELS) technology into printing...
Authors: Quan Shen, Man Man Lu, Hai Lin, Chang Min Li
Abstract:Color coordinates (0.1573, 0.0528) and (0.1542, 0.4663) have been identified in Ce3+ and Eu2+ singly doped calcium...
Authors: Wen Bin Sun
Abstract:As a novel functional composite material, orthotropic piezoelectric composite material has been developed into various transducers used in...
Authors: Wen Bin Sun
Abstract:Standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW) technology combined with microtechnology opens up new areas for the development of advanced...
Authors: Lei Xu, Wei Lu
Abstract:In order to meet real-time and quick requirements for video information acquiring and processing, this paper introduces a hardware platform...
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