Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Li Qun Wu, Yan Chao, Jian Shao

Abstract: Surface texturing of silicon can reduce the reflectance of incident light and hence increase the conversion efficiency of solar cells. Many...

Authors: Li Qun Wu, Yan Chao, Xiao Lu Luo

Abstract: With the development of economy and society, more and more energy is needed to meet the requirement of industries and social life. It is...

Authors: Jing Hu Pan, Pei Ji Shi, Feng Juan Zheng

Abstract: Based on Landsat ETM+ data within the metropolitan area of Lanzhou, China, green vegetation(GV) and impervious surface was extracted by a...

Authors: Tian Yun Yan, Kai Kuo Xu, Wei Wei, Hong Wei Zhang

Abstract: The concept of virtual experiment platform and matlab webserver, the fundamental principles and system configurations of Matlab Webserver...

Authors: Tian Yun Yan, Kai Kuo Xu, Min Wei, Jia He

Abstract: The theory and technology of cryptography including the block cipher, stream cipher and public-key cryptosystem. The usual cryptographic...

Authors: Tian Yun Yan

Abstract: Medium-sized IT solutions for medium-sized industry to provide the planning, construction, deployment and operation standardization,...

Authors: Xin Lian Zhou, Bin Xiao, Jing Liang Cheng

Abstract: In mobile wireless sensor networks, sensor nodes may due to their own moves, energy loss, physical damage, errors and failures or other...

Authors: Xin Lian Zhou, Jian Bo Xu

Abstract: This paper first proposed an energy-efficient distributed clustering technology for mobile sensor nodes and sink node mobility, select the...

Authors: Jin Yan Wang, Hai Ying Yu, Yan Gu, Xiao Liu, Lin Suo, Lun Zhong Chen

Abstract: The paper proposes the simulation of aspheric lensed fiber for efficient coupling between laser diode and single-mode aspheric lensed fiber,...

Authors: Zeng Ping Zhang, Yong Wen, Hong Zhao Du, Jian Zhong Pei, Shuan Fa Chen

Abstract: Methylsilsesquioxane (Me-SSQ) was incorporated into cyanate ester resin (CE) to obtain organic-inorganic hybrids with better dielectric...


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