Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Gui Yang Liu, Jun Ming Guo, Yan Nan Li, Bao Sen Wang

Abstract: Single phase LiMn2O4 spinel powders have been prepared by solution combustion synthesis at 400 and 500°C using...

Authors: Hua Jun Zhao, Dai Rong Yuan

Abstract: The nanostructured material of the metal–insulator–metal (MIM) grating with localized magnetic enhanced is designed by the inductor and...

Authors: Hong Fei Xiao

Abstract: A spread equation of erbium-doped optical fiber laser was derived from the basic theory of laser. Then, the hypothesis of erbium-doped...

Authors: Yan Li, Hai Wei Fu, Xiao Li Li, Min Shao

Abstract: The resonant wavelength of the two-dimensional photonic crystal force sensor model changing with normal stress along y direction is...

Authors: D.L. Yang, Xue Jun Li, K. Wang, Ling Li Jiang

Abstract: The parameter optimization is the key to study of support vector machine (SVM). With strong global search capability of bacterial foraging...

Authors: Lei Wu, Q.Sh. Wang, D.J. Wang, Z.S. Zhu

Abstract: Some qualitative properties are discussed about the transverse vibration of nonhomogene- ous circular membrane with axisymmetric mass...

Authors: Li Li, Jian Liu, Yue Long Yang

Abstract: According to the system’s working character, it presents a design scheme of distributed network group control system, which combines the...

Authors: Jian Liu, Li Li, X.H. Zhang

Abstract: A physics-based threshold voltage model is proposed, according to the electrostatics distribution in Si body of FinFET which is obtained by...

Authors: Bo Chen, Li Deng

Abstract: In order to avoid the shortage of subjective judgment, carrying on the human-machine interface layout scientifically, this paper put forward...

Authors: Yong Ding, Yue Mei Su

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks functionality is closely related to network lifetime which depends on the energy consumption, so require energy-...


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