Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Yong Cun Zhang, Liu Sheng Chen, Jin Kui Shang, Xiao Guang Ma, Xue Yuan Chen, Li Yan, Wen Tao Zhao, Xue Ying Deng, Hou Mei Cheng

Abstract: As a new optical pressure sensor technique, Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) is one of the important techn iques for model surface p ressure m...

Authors: Kuan Fang He, Xue Jun Li, Ji Gang Wu, Qi Li

Abstract: Based on analysis of submerged arc welding arc heat source model and droplet heat inputting uniform distribution, ANSYS parametric design...

Authors: Kuan Fang He, Ji Gang Wu, Xue Jun Li, H. Long

Abstract: Twin-Arc high-speed submerged arc welding forming quality prediction model was developed by three layers BP (Back Propagation) neural...

Authors: Xue Jun Li, Z.Z. Peng, Kuan Fang He, Q. Pan

Abstract: The real-time respondent speed and the reliability play a deciding role on the performance of the digital monitoring for mine hoist....

Authors: Xue Jun Li, Zong Qun Deng, Ji Gang Wu

Abstract: From the basic theory of fracture mechanics and combining the fatigue mechanism of rotor crack propagation, energy theory and power...

Authors: Xue Jun Li, K. Wang, Kuan Fang He, X.C. Li

Abstract: Aiming at inaccurately and inefficiently fault feature of early crack by the vibration method in the environment of strong noise, the...

Authors: Wen Li Wang, Wei Lian Qu, Jie He

Abstract: The dynamic stress-strain and welding residual stress during welding are the significant factors which lead to welded cracking and...

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Xue Jun Li, Zhi Cheng He, Y.Q. Kong

Abstract: In order to better identify the fault of bearing,one new fualt diagnosis method based on supervised Linear local tangent space alignment...

Authors: Ji Gang Wu, Kuan Fang He, Bin Qin

Abstract: Aiming at the subpixle edge detection of speckle in autofocus for micro-machine vision, a novel accurate subpixel edge detection algorithm...

Authors: W.H. Xiao, X. Wan, Z.M. Zhang, R. Liu, X.Y. Lu

Abstract: This paper introduces the design of a DSP-based video image acquisition and real-time processing system. In this paper, as the main embedded...


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