Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Feng Huang, Xiang Jun Ouyang, Xing Ping Liu

Abstract: The paper analyzes a symmetric image encryption scheme based on a new chaotic two-dimensional map. The map can encrypt image. The numbers of...

Authors: Feng Huang, Zhong Ming Pan

Abstract: Sensors are used more and more widely today. It can get valuable images through multi-sensor fusion technology. The paper designs an image...

Authors: Shi Hua Zhang, Xi Long Qu, Xue Ye Wang

Abstract: There is no incremental learning ability for the traditional support vector machine (SVM) and there are all kind of merits and flaws for...

Authors: Shu Jie, Li Yang, Dong Hua Fan

Abstract: Al-doped ZnO (ZAO) thin film with good performance was prepared by radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering technology under optimized...

Authors: Rong Rong Zhuang, Yi Zong He, Yu Hong Fang

Abstract: Na2Ni(SO4)2·4H2O crystal (NNSH) size up to 12mm×10mm×8mm have been grown by heating the solution...

Authors: Lan Zhou Wang, Qiao Li

Abstract: y=f(m,t)c+g(m,t) for the first time. A mechanism on the information transmission of the nutrition growth in plants was discussed...

Authors: Hong Da Deng, Chun Fu Li, Xian Long Cao, Mei Yu Zhao

Abstract: In this work, the electrochemical transient behaviors of tubular steel API-P110 in buffered acidic NaCl solutions saturated with 50%...

Authors: Hong Wang, Jan Guo Cui, Yang Yang Liu, Guo Ming Chen, Sheng Ping Liu

Abstract: The microcirculation plays a crucial role in the interaction between blood and tissues in physiological pathophysiological pharmacological...

Authors: Saafie Salleh, M.N. Dalimin, Harvey N. Rutt

Abstract: Zinc sulfide (ZnS) waveguides with the thickness of 0.5 μm have been deposited onto oxidized silicon wafer substrates at cold temperature...

Authors: Bo Li, Zhi Qing Ma, Jian Yi Wang, Yi Ran Guan, Xian Yi Liu, Gui Fu Yang

Abstract: This paper presents a feasible way to develop electrochemical workstation by using Template Method pattern. With this design pattern,...


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