Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Qi Jun Liu, Zheng Tang Liu, Li Ping Feng

Abstract: Electronic structure, effective masses and optical properties of monoclinic HfO2 were studied using the plane-wave ultrasoft...

Authors: Yan Xia Du, Bao Zhan Lü, Feng Guo Bin

Abstract: From the NC machining principle of spiral bevel gear, the motion relationship of machine tool, cutter and workpiece during machining spiral...

Authors: Cui Xia Sheng, He Jing Tang, Hong Yan Jia, Shu Lian Yang

Abstract: Measurement of fluorescence lifetime plays an important role in fluorescence lifetime imaging technology. If the Time correlated single...

Authors: Hui Zhong, Yong Yi Gao, Ren Long Zhou, Bing Ju Zhou, Li Qiang Tang, Ling Xi Wu

Abstract: The effect of grating structure on the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells is studied with the finite-difference time-domain...

Authors: Jun Wang, Zhan Mei, Li Feng Wei

Abstract: For further development and building a solid foundation of industrial Internet of things, a wireless communication card (WCC) based on UWB...

Authors: Jun Wang, Ji Ying Ma

Abstract: The optimal scheduling algorithm based on non-periodic information is model and analyzed. Compared with typical scheduling algorithms, it...

Authors: Yong Zhang, Jian Ning Yu, San Chun Sun, Bin Wei, Jian Hua Zhang, Jin Cao

Abstract: We have employed a simple circuit combining pulse generator and capacitance meter to investigate transient current (TC) and capacitance of...

Authors: Hong Shuang Zhang

Abstract: The hole cold expansion is a well-known technique used to improve the fatigue life in mechanical structures. An approach named simulation...

Authors: Bao Yu Xu, Yi Lun Liu, Xu Dong Wang, Fang Dong

Abstract: The stochastic excitation power spectral density (PSD) model and ARMA time series model are established based on the stochastic rolling...

Authors: Rong Feng Guan, Qin Qin Li, Shuai Mou Li

Abstract: The YAG yellow phosphor was synthesized by Co-precipitation Method and its luminescent properties were characterized. The Orthogonal...


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