Optical, Electronic Materials and Applications

Volume 216

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.216

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Authors: Jin Li Ding, Lan Zhou Wang

Abstract: Original weak electrical signals in Clivia miniata were tested by a touching test system of self-made double shields with platinum sensors....

Authors: Huai Wen Wang, Le Le Gui, Hong Wei Zhou

Abstract: Young’s Modulus of glass fiber reinforced composites for wind energy applications are studied using numerical method. The effect of volume...

Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Bing Xi Huang, Li Jian Wang

Abstract: The effects of vanadium microalloying on the hardness and its distribution of alloy ZG270-500 smelted in intermediate frequency induction...

Authors: Nobuo Kambara, Hiroyuki Kawanishi

Abstract: The total energies of donor-acceptor-donor D2A trimer codopants (D = As and Sb, A = B, Al, Ga, In and Tl) in Si and their...

Authors: Shu Tao Wang, Dong Sheng Wang, Wei Wei Pan

Abstract: A set of fluorescence optical fiber temperature measurement system is designed based on...

Authors: Yu Tian Wang, Dong Sheng Wang, Wei Wei Pan

Abstract: When introduce the wavelet theory to filter the hologram and the reconstructed image in the digital holography, the noise of the...

Authors: Xu Yue Wang, H.R. Guo, Wen Ji Xu, Dong Ming Guo, L.J. Wang

Abstract: To reduce stair-step effect when layered forming samples using 2.5D slices, a geometric model with variable thickness slices was developed....

Authors: Xu Yue Wang, H.R. Guo, Yong Bo Wu, Wen Ji Xu, D.M. Guo

Abstract: Laser cladding of micro-fluidic channels mold was performed using Nd:YAG laser and synchronous powder feeder. Influences of laser power and...

Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang, Yue Lan Di

Abstract: By using the ion plating technology,the multilayered CrN/TiAlN as well as monolayered CrN and TiAlN coatings were made on the suface of...

Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Ping Zhang, Zhi Jie Liang

Abstract: To solve the maintaining shortcoming of diesel engine, the remanufacturing technology idea of diesel engines is put forward and discussed...


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