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Authors: Bao Liang Hu
Abstract:This paper identifies structural element differences between the business model(BM) with relatively high-level performance and BM with...
Authors: Bao Liang Hu
Abstract:This paper examines the relationship between the information systems(IS) strategy and firm performance. It discovers the relationship between...
Authors: Zu Rong Qiu, Rui Cao
Abstract:Considering the measurement system for the suspended position of the transparent film in the water, an image processing method based on...
Authors: Sandeep Kumar Jain, Pankaj Srivastava
Abstract:We have investigated the absorption spectra in ultra small diameter single walled boron nanotubes for parallel and perpendicular polarized...
Authors: Ning Li, Cheng Hui Gao, Guang Ming Cheng
Abstract:Ni-Mo alloys have been studied as a prospected cathode for its higher hydrogen evolution reaction properties than other binary compounds. The...
Authors: Guo Feng Qin, Yu Sun, Qi Yan Li
Abstract:Detection of vehicles plays an important role in the area of the modern intelligent traffic management. And the pattern recognition is a hot...
Authors: Alessandra Bonato Altran, Fábio Roverto Chavarette, Carlos Roberto Minussi, Nelson José Peruzzi, Mara Lúcia Marthins Lopes, Luciano Barbanti, Berenice Carmargo Damasceno
Abstract:This paper presents the linear optimal control technique for reducing the chaotic movement of the micro-electro-mechanical Comb Drive system...
Authors: Alessandra Bonato Altran, Carlos Roberto Minussi, Mara Lúcia Marthins Lopes, Fábio Roverto Chavarette, Nelson José Peruzzi
Abstract:In this paper we present the results of the use of a methodology for multinodal load forecasting through an artificial neural network-type...
Authors: Yi Bo Sun, Yi Luo, Xiao Dong Wang, Yu Qi Feng
Abstract:As a convenient way for the assembly of thermal plastic MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices fusion bonding was studied in...
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