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Authors: Heinz Palkowski, Kai Michael Rudolph
Abstract:This paper presents the focus of research and the structure of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 675 “Creation of High-Strength...
Authors: Bernd Arno Behrens, Sven Hübner, C. Sunderkötter, Julian Knigge, Katrin Weilandt, Kathrin Voges-Schwieger
Abstract:The industrial application of stainless steels is of high importance because of their high corrosion resistance and forming behaviour. The...
Authors: Heinz Palkowski, Anna Brück
Abstract:Within subproject A2 processes leading to local Bake Hardening (BH) effects in multiphase steels will be investigated. The characteristic...
Authors: Heinz Palkowski, Günther Lange
Abstract:The subproject A3 deals with the production and manufacturing and the subsequent treatment of partially strengthened, three layered,...
Authors: Friedrich Wilhelm Bach, Dirk Bormann, Tillmann Plorin
Abstract:The investigation of the basic principles for the production of foamed out sections using magnesium foam for support structures by including...
Authors: Mitja Schimek, O. Meier, A. Ostendorf, L. Engelbrecht, H. Haferkamp
Abstract:In subproject B1, local physical and geometrical effects which have only been observed so far as side effects in the laser joining process,...
Authors: Bernd Arno Behrens, Thomas Hagen, S. Röhr, Kanwar Bir Sidhu
Abstract:High strength aluminium wrought alloys as well as powder metallurgical aluminium alloys are limited regarding massive formability. The...
Authors: Berend Denkena, R. Meyer, Bernd Breidenstein
Abstract:Novel manufacturing technologies for high-strength structure components of aluminium allow a local modification of material properties to...
Authors: Volker Wesling, T. Rekersdrees
Abstract:The subproject B5 examines the welding technological processing of locally hardened materials to produce structures and knots by means of...
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