5m Drum’s FEA and Optimum Design Based on SolidWorks Simulation


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Giant tire is characterized by low-speed high load, and conditions of use harsh. Drum is a core component of giant tire drum testing machine. Carried on the analysis to the drum's lasting quality experiment operating mode, using SolidWorks Simulation to carry on the finite element analysis (model building, grid division, boundary condition load and so on), obtained the drum's stress distributed and displacement distribution graphic solution. The quality minimum optimization design of the drum's FEA reduces the drum's design cost reasonably and shortens the design cycle effectively, has certain value engineering.



Edited by:

Chuansheng Wang, Lianxiang Ma and Weiming Yang




Q. X. Bu, "5m Drum’s FEA and Optimum Design Based on SolidWorks Simulation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 221, pp. 555-561, 2011

Online since:

March 2011





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