Removal of Cesium from Aqueous Solutions Using Crosslinked Amphoteric Starch Prepared by Microwave Treatment


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Crosslinked amphoteric starches (CAS) with quaternary ammonium cationic and carboxymethyl anionic groups were prepared by a microwave heating and traditional heating method, respectively . The Structural of the two CAS particles were characterized with powder X-ray diffraction (XRD)and SEM. Sorption capacity of two CAS were investigated for cesium (Cs) in batch equilibrium studies. Kinetic studies showed that the sorption process were rapid and saturation were attained within 40 min. The two different equilibrium sorption isotherm models applied to the experimental data and the model parameters were obtained from these non linear regressions. The studies revealed that CAS prepared using microwave seems to be one of a promising biosorbents for recovery of cesium from liquid nuclear wastes.



Edited by:

Chuansheng Wang, Lianxiang Ma and Weiming Yang




L. X. Zou et al., "Removal of Cesium from Aqueous Solutions Using Crosslinked Amphoteric Starch Prepared by Microwave Treatment", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 221, pp. 95-98, 2011

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March 2011




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