Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering

Volume 221

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Tang, Yong Ping Dai

Abstract: The article researches and analyses the temperature of two kinds of new hot knife. And it also does the thermal analysis by Pro/e MECHANICAL...

Authors: Guan Zhong Wang

Abstract: The recent development in the fabrication of extruder, especially screw extruder, for the rubber and plastics blend were reviewed. A...

Authors: Xian Zhong Mo, Yu Xiang Zhong, Jin Ying Pang, Ting Guo, Xiang Qi

Abstract: As the matrix of sisal fiber, thermoplastic tapioca starch(TPS) was prepared with the mixed plasticizer, formamide and urea (mass ratio...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhao, Hui Guang Bian

Abstract: Two-dimensional flow field simulation of two-wing synchronous rotor and four-wing synchronous rotor mixer were studied and the simulation...

Authors: Lian Xiang Ma, Yuan Zheng Tang, Yan He

Abstract: Thermal conductivity of L-J potential solid argon nano-films is calculated by equilibrium molecular dynamics (EMD) and nonequilibrium...

Authors: Dong Xing Du, Ying Ge Li, Xiao Bing Luo

Abstract: The working temperature has great effect on the reliability of LED modules. In this paper, numerical analysis is carried out on predicting...

Authors: Yi Hu Huang, Jin Li Wang, Xi Mei Jia

Abstract: According to the vision needs of robot soccer and CAMShift tracking inefficient in dynamic background, a new tracking algorithm is brought...

Authors: Li Li, Yun Wang, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: The mixing-extruding machine is made up of mixer and unconventional double-cone screw extruder, which has both the excellent mixing...

Authors: Peng Cheng Zhao, Shu Jiang Li

Abstract: A mechanical model of the fully penetrated gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) weld pool was established to investigate how the melt-through...

Authors: Zhi Min Fan, Hui Min Li, Guang Ting Zhou

Abstract: The development situation and existing problems of mixing equipment, working principle and application of a different-speed mixer,...


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