Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering

Volume 221

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Yi Lin, Dian Wei Qu, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: The curing behaviour of an epoxy/OMMT nanocomposites system which was composed of a bifunctional epoxy resin with an anhydride curing agent...

Authors: Zhi Hua Li, Jian Feng Liu, Lei Jiao, Lei Guo

Abstract: The dense phase pneumatic conveying system of carbon black and the experimental process are introduced in the paper. According to the test...

Authors: Yuan Chao Liu, Bao Min Sun, Zhao Yong Ding

Abstract: Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from V-type pyrolysis flame is a kind of novel method. It needs simple laboratory equipments and normal...

Authors: Ze Rong Zhang, Yong Yan Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the application of polyurethane screen deck in linear vibrating screen. The dynamic model of...

Authors: Ya Lan Zhang, Li Feng Wu, Kun Zhang

Abstract: Using the software of PRO/E, the technology of CAD and the high polymer material of the blending system consisting of...

Authors: Ya Lan Zhang, Kun Zhang

Abstract: The level of the mold production for a country is an important symbol of the manufacturing level. In order to shorten the cycle of mold...

Authors: Li Xia Sun, Jian Bo Jia, Yan Xu, Sheng Yuan Jiang

Abstract: Thin-walled aluminum alloy tubes can be used as rigid sampling tubes in aerospace and geological exploration and other scientific...

Authors: Feng Hua Tong, Jian Hua Qin

Abstract: The method of molding in barrel is a new technology of extruding pure UHMW-PE pipes continuously on single screw extruder. Its significant...

Authors: Chun Hui Liu, Jian Hua Qin, Da Li Shi

Abstract: While extrusion molding with single-screw extruder, extrusion pressure comes into being from feeding section; it is one of the basic...

Authors: Xian Zhong Mo, Yu Xiang Zhong, Xiang Qi, Chen Mo

Abstract: Thermoplastic tapioca starch(TPS) was prepared with the mixed plasticizer, formamide and urea (mass ratio 2:1). The introduction of...


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