Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering

Volume 221

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Lin Hang, Zhen Ya Duan

Abstract: Force model of tire uniformity testing system and data analysis method are fundamental to a tire uniformity testing machine. Based on...

Authors: De Wei Zhang, Chuan Sheng Wang, Guang Yi Lin

Abstract: Rotor Speed is an important factor which impacts the mixing process and quality of mixed rubber greatly. The effects of different rotor...

Authors: Yan Zhou, Wen Juan Zheng, Xiao Hui Liu, Qing Ling Li

Abstract: The three difference structural heat storage devices are designed used paraffin as phase change heat storage materials for the chimney power...

Authors: Ping Fu, Cheng Zhao, Hua Tian

Abstract: By using self-made asymmetric AC - DC power supply and adding SiC in ferrous chloride bath, the high performance Fe-SiC iron-based composite...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Wang, De Wei Zhang, Hui Guang Bian, Xiao Bo Wang, Lei Guo

Abstract: During the extruding process of short fiber-rubber composite material, screw speed is an important factor which influences the orientation...

Authors: Ze Peng Wang, Yan He

Abstract: Thermal conductivity of rubber composites filled with CNTs (carbon nanotubes) and N234 CB (carbon black) were investigated. Result indicated...

Authors: Xian Kui Zeng, Guang Zhen Meng, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: The foaming effect of the biodegradable buffer material was investigated in this paper. Starch, plant fiber, plasticizer and nucleating...

Authors: Yan He, Xue Sheng Wu, Zhen Chao Chen

Abstract: Graphite flakes and silicone carbide particles are used as heat conductive fillers added into methyl vinyl silicone rubber, and the effect...

Authors: Jun Ying Hou, Chuan Sheng Wang, Yang Bai

Abstract: Experiments of Ni-P-SiC chemical composite plating were carried out, and then the crafts and performances of Ni-P-SiC chemical composite...

Authors: Ping Fu, Shan Hu Li, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: Powder was fed to improving or increasing rubber performance in rubber production. Due to the variety of powder, different feeding quantity...


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