Advanced Polymer Science and Engineering

Volume 221

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Lu Yang, Hui Min Zhang, Meng Li

Abstract: In the injection molding of large and thin plastics parts, multiple gates are used, so many weld lines would generate because melted plastic...

Authors: Jun Ping Song, Yan He, Lian Xiang Ma

Abstract: Graphitized carbon black 40b2 and acetylene black were filled separately in natural rubber matrix for preparing vulcanized rubber. The...

Authors: Zhi Min Fan, Guang Ting Zhou, Jian Ping Liu

Abstract: The finite element model of the stirring kneader shaft was built by PRO/E software, which was inserted into ANSYS. Next, the instantaneous...

Authors: Zhao Ming Meng, Ya Bo Qiao, C. Ren

Abstract: at present, the product quality that tire building machine presses tire is not ideal. The phenomenon that the tread isn’t pressed solidly...

Authors: Chuan Sheng Wang, Hui Hui Su, Guang Zhen Meng

Abstract: The mechanical properties of EPDM/R-EPDM blending was investigated. Effect of the blending ratio, amount of DCP and silica and the curing...

Authors: Xian Kui Zeng, Hui Hui Su, Chuan Sheng Wang

Abstract: The selection of seal ring material produces an effect on the sealing performance and service life significantly. And the material...

Authors: Hui Guang Bian, Chuan Sheng Wang, Rui Qin Wang, Zhen Zhen Wang, Jun Ling Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the three-dimensional temperature field of mixer chamber during the mixing process by using the finite element method....

Authors: Jian Zhang Guo, Peng Zhao, Wei Qiang Wang

Abstract: Supercritical CO2 extraction technology was overviewed first in this paper. Then the processes of supercritical CO2 extraction were...

Authors: Jian Zhang Guo, Bin Xu

Abstract: In order to improve the service life of the aluminum tyre mold, AC7A aluminum alloy was processed by electroless Ni-P plating under...

Authors: Jun Fei Wu, Wei Gao, Xiao Chen Zhu

Abstract: From the parametric modeling, the APDL tool can be used in ANSYS to build the finite element model of rhombic wire wound vessel. Only a...


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