Global Research and Education

Volume 222

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hiroshi Inokawa, Wei Du, Mitsuru Kawai, Hiroaki Satoh, Atsushi Ono, Vipul Singh

Abstract: A unique single-photon detector is reported, which utilizes scaled-down silicon-on- insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect...

Authors: E. Mellikov, D. Meissner, M. Altosaar, M. Kauk, J. Krustok, A. Öpik, O. Volobujeva, J. Iljina, K. Timmo, I. Klavina, J. Raudoja, M. Grossberg, T. Varema, K. Muska, M. Ganchev, S. Bereznev, M. Danilson

Abstract: This paper reviews results of studies on different materials and technologies for polycrystalline solar cells conducted at Tallinn...

Authors: Juozas Vidmantis Vaitkus

Abstract: A review is given of what kind technological aspects were used for realizing the defect engineering in semiconductor layers or crystals. The...

Authors: L. Fedorenko

Abstract: The current state of knowledge about mechanisms of metal nano-particles (NP) formation processes induced by the interaction of high-energy...

Authors: Mohd Khairul Bin Ahmad, Kenji Murakami

Abstract: Rutile titanium dioxide nanorods (TNR) were successfully prepared by hydrothermal method. By using hydrochloric acid (HCl) as chelating...

Authors: Leonid V. Poperenko, Dmytro V. Gnatyuk, Volodymyr A. Odarych, Iryna V. Yurgelevich, Sergiy N. Levytskyi, Toru Aoki

Abstract: Optical properties and surface state of semiconductor CdTe crystals subjected to irradiation with nanosecond laser pulses were studied....

Authors: Volodymyr A. Gnatyuk, Sergiy N. Levytskyi, Oleksandr I. Vlasenko, Toru Aoki

Abstract: Different procedures of laser-induced doping of the surface region of semi-insulating CdTe semiconductor are discussed. CdTe crystals...

Authors: Juris Blums, G. Terlecka, Ausma Vilumsone

Abstract: The performance of the electrodynamic human motion energy converter with planar structure is under investigation. The electrodynamic...

Authors: Inga Dabolina, Ausma Vilumsone, Juris Blums

Abstract: The scanning of human body as a method for gaining human measurements has several preferences. The gathering of data is possible in a very...


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