Applications of High-Precise Three-Dimensional Measurement System


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To reveal the influence of global warming on glaciers, highly accurate observations of glacier movement must continue every year. It is thought that there is a close relationship between glacier moving speed and global warming. Thus, there have been precise, detailed observations of the movement of the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia of the Argentine Republic over the past five years. The measurement method of using GPS and an optical measuring instrument is generally used to monitor glacier movement, but the measurement accuracy attained is not optimal because of the huge size of the glacier. The measurement system used for the Perito Moreno observations, however, could realize high accuracy measurement over long distance. The measurement system is based on the principle of stereo measurement using cameras. This paper describes the results of the Perito Moreno glacier observations of this year and considers the effectiveness of glacier observation using cameras.



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T. Hashimoto et al., "Applications of High-Precise Three-Dimensional Measurement System", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 222, pp. 62-65, 2011

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April 2011




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