Global Research and Education

Volume 222

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Raimonds Popļausks, Pāvels Birjukovs, Juris Prikulis, Rünno Lõhmus, Donats Erts

Abstract: Nanometer size mechanical devices, which utilize dynamic force interaction, such as friction, may provide basis for new generation of...

Authors: Iryna Pundyk, Igor Dmitruk, M. Davydenko, V. Romanyuk, A. Kasuya

Abstract: The details of energy relaxation and multiple phonon scattering of a resonantly excited electron-hole pair confined in CdSe nanoparticle are...

Authors: Talivaldis Puritis, Jevgenijs Kaupuzs, Edvins Dauksta

Abstract: Photoluminescence mechanisms (models) are reviewed and experimental data are analyzed based on our model, related to direct radiative...

Authors: Balázs Rakos

Abstract: The present work continues the exploration of the potential advantages of proteins in Coulomb-coupled, molecular logic arrays by extending...

Authors: Mykhailo Rakov, Leonid V. Poperenko, Iryna V. Yurgelevich

Abstract: The ZnO films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering are investigated. SEM provides information on the composition of the films and...

Authors: G.Y. Rudko, A.I. Klimovskaya

Abstract: The comparative study of indirect and direct gap (Si and ZnO, respectively) semiconductor nanowires (NWs) is reported. The NWs were grown on...

Authors: Ingrida Šahta, Ilze Baltina, Juris Blums

Abstract: The research is dedicated to microclimate regulatory clothes with an integrated electrical system, which also composes Peltier elements, and...

Authors: Faiz Salleh, Hiroya Ikeda

Abstract: We calculated the Seebeck coefficient of heavily-doped Si based on theoretical models of impurity-band formation, ionization-energy shift...

Authors: Hiroaki Satoh, Yuki Matsuo, Hiroshi Inokawa, Atsushi Ono

Abstract: In order to improve the light sensitivity of silicon-on-insulator metal-insulator-semiconductor (SOI-MOS) photodiode, differences caused by...

Authors: Michiharu Tabe, Daniel Moraru, Arief Udhiarto, Sakito Miki, Miftahul Anwar, Yuya Kawai, Takeshi Mizuno

Abstract: We have recently proposed and demonstrated a new device concept, “Si-based single-dopant atom device”, consisting of only one or a few...


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