Global Research and Education

Volume 222

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Satoshi Matsuda, Takahiro Wada, Akiko Suzuki, Toshinori Suzuki

Abstract: This study aims at developing a new type of purification process for wastewater including suspended solids. The process consists of...

Authors: Akihisa Ogino, Suguru Noguchi, Masaaki Nagatsu

Abstract: In some medical use, surface property such as biocompatibility and blood compatibility is very important. To improve the surface property of...

Authors: Agnese Pavlova, Aigars Reinis, Liga Berzina-Cimdina, Juta Kroica, Aleksandra Burlakova, Kristaps Rubenis

Abstract: Extrusion is a perspective forming technology for obtaining objects with certain profile, important for the TiO2 application as biomaterial....

Authors: Idzumi Okajima, Takeshi Sako

Abstract: High pressure superheated steam above the critical temperature (374oC) and below the critical pressure (22.1MPa) of water was used to...

Authors: Hiroshi Suzuki, Masatsugu Niwayama, Toshitaka Yamakawa, Masaki Ohkubo, Ryotaro Kime, Toshihito Katsumura

Abstract: We present a method for simultaneous measurement of optical absorption coefficients for skin (μas) and muscle (μam) tissues using spatially...

Authors: Toshitaka Yamakawa, Takeshi Yamakawa, S. Aou, Satoru Ishizuka, M. Suzuki, M. Fujii, Toru Aoki

Abstract: We propose a subdural electrode array guided by a 0.3mm-diamter shape memory alloy guidewire for a minimally-invasive method of...

Authors: Takayuki Yamashita, Masatsugu Niwayama, Toshitaka Yamakawa

Abstract: We developed a new practical method for determining the absorption coefficient and reduced scattering coefficient simultaneously by using...

Authors: Yuri Dekhtyar, Linda Lancere, Natalie Polyaka, Aleksander Sudnikovich, Fyodor Tyulkin, Valdis Valters

Abstract: Poly methyl metha acrylate (PMMA) is widely in use for eye prostheses and contact lenses. The latter is under ultraviolet radiation of Sun....

Authors: Norihiro Nishio, Yuki Deguchi, Takahiro Sugiyama, Yoichi Takebayashi

Abstract: We developed a multi-camera shooting support system in a compact studio for novice cameramen. We analyzed the problems they faced when...

Authors: Sharif E. Guseynov

Abstract: In the given work two stochastic continuous mathematical models for determining the random volumes of current stock are constructed and...


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