Global Research and Education

Volume 222

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.J. Hawłas

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates how teaching programming in assembler is organized at Faculty of Mechatronics (WUT). Presented teaching...

Authors: Ryszard Jabłoński, Agnieszka Borzym

Abstract: The paper presents the synergic application of inertial, force, image and distance sensors for graffiti creation. The complete painting head...

Authors: Patriks Morevs, Janis S. Rimshans, Sharif E. Guseynov

Abstract: A functional nodal method for numerical solution of a two-dimensional Helmholtz equation is considered. The method uses a compact 7-point...

Authors: Satoshi Onishi, Kazuhiro Takeda

Abstract: Recently in U.S. and Europe, the approach for the safety of plant intensifies because of many accidents in plant. In the approaches, alarm...

Authors: Sharif E. Guseynov, Janis S. Rimshans, Jevgenijs Kaupuzs, Artur Medvid', Daiga Zaime

Abstract: Coefficient inverse problems are reformulated to a unified integral differential equation. The presented method of conversion of the...

Authors: Gábor Sziebig, Péter Zanaty, Péter Korondi, Bjørn Solvang

Abstract: A multi-layer mobile robot controller unit has been created and tested successfully to be able to work with different types of mobile robot...

Authors: Béla Takarics, Gábor Sziebig, Péter Korondi

Abstract: This paper presents a telemanipulation system, where the operator's movement is transmitted to the slave site not in a mechanical way, as in...

Authors: Tamás Pallos, Gábor Sziebig, Péter Korondi, Bjørn Solvang

Abstract: The Optical Glyph Tracking technology utilizes image processing and pattern recognition methods to calculate a given object’s position and...

Authors: Yosuke Tatekura, Yusuke Honda, Takayoshi Nakai

Abstract: This paper introduces an automatic decision method for designing parameters of inverse filters to simplify realization of a high-performance...

Authors: Annamária R. Várkonyi-Kóczy

Abstract: Nowadays practical solutions of engineering problems involve model-integrated computing. Due to their flexibility, robustness, and easy...


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