Modelling of Machining Operations

Volume 223

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: François Ducobu, Edouard Rivière-Lorphèvre, Enrico Filippi

Abstract: The foundations of micro-milling are similar to macro-milling but the phenomena it involves are not a simple scaling-down of macro-cutting....

Authors: Fritz Klocke, Mustapha Abouridouane, Klaus Gerschwiler, Dieter Lung

Abstract: The main objective of this paper is the development and validation of a three dimensional thermomechanically coupled finite element model...

Authors: Volker Schulze, Frederik Zanger, Jürgen Michna, Florian Ambrosy, Rüdiger Pabst

Abstract: The machining of metal matrix composites (MMC) induces cyclic loadings on tools, which creates new challenges for machining. In particular...

Authors: Riaz Muhammad, Naseer Ahmed, Murat Demiral, Anish Roy, Vadim V. Silberschmidt

Abstract: Industrial applications of titanium alloys especially in aerospace, marine and offshore industries have grown significantly over the years...

Authors: Volker Schulze, Julius Osterried, Harald Meier, Frederik Zanger

Abstract: The paper aims to predict component conditions after each subprocess of a manufacturing process chain. A continuous simulation has to be...

Authors: Volker Schulze, Christoph Kühlewein, Hermann Autenrieth

Abstract: Latest research clearly demonstrates the excellent capability of the gear skiving process. For further improvement of the process and...

Authors: Abhik Rakshit, Shuji Usui, Troy D. Marusich, Kerry Marusich, Luis Zamorano, Hari Elangovan

Abstract: Machining of large monolithic structures is standard practice in today’s aerospace world. Driven by cost and performance, it is becoming...

Authors: Takashi Matsumura

Abstract: Multi-axis controlled machining has been increasing with the demand for high quality in mold manufacturing. The cutter axis inclination...

Authors: Sebastien Campocasso, Jean Philippe Costes, Gérard Poulachon, Alexis Perez Duarte

Abstract: In turning, the applied forces have to be known as accurately as possible, especially in the case of difficult-to-cut materials for aircraft...


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