Tool Load during Multi-Flank Chip Formation


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Tools used in cutting processes with multi-flank chip formation like gear hobbing or bevel gear cutting, often reach their tool life due to excessive wear at the tool corner radius. Tool wear depends on the strength of the cutting edge and on the thermal and mechanical load. The objective of this work is to analyze the thermal and mechanical tool load during multi-flank chip formation. As the tool load cannot be measured in the necessary high local resolution, a finite element based machining simulation is used to model the process of chip formation. The simulation is able to calculate the temperature and stress distribution along the cutting edge. For the examinations presented in this report the bevel gear cutting process for ring gears is simulated. The simulation results show a significant thermal and mechanical load maximum at the tool corner, where the maximal wear occurs in cutting.



Edited by:

J.C. Outeiro






F. Klocke et al., "Tool Load during Multi-Flank Chip Formation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 223, pp. 525-534, 2011

Online since:

April 2011




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