Simulation Model for Micro-Milling Operations and Surface Generation


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In this paper we propose a new mathematical model for micro milling operations. To achieve the desired quality of the final product or the desired structure on the product's surface the process kinematics as well as tool-workpiece interaction are considered. The presented model takes into account the relative motion between tool and workpiece. We consider the input infeed rate which is reduced by the elastic deflection of the tool due to the cutting forces appearing during the process. The tool wear and surface texture depend on the cutting force; therefore the analysis of the forces plays an important role in characterizing the cutting process. Moreover, the analyzing these forces during the simulation we can calculate the effective cross-sectional area of the cut in each time step of the process. This gives us a forward model for the full production chain. This model is extended in order to include a surface generation model as well as quality parameters for the resulting micro-milling surface.



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J.C. Outeiro




I. Piotrowska Kurczewski and J. Vehmeyer, "Simulation Model for Micro-Milling Operations and Surface Generation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 223, pp. 849-858, 2011

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April 2011