Modelling of Machining Operations

Volume 223

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Balázs Tukora, Tibor Szalay

Abstract: In this paper a new method for instantaneous cutting force prediction is presented, in case of sculptured surface milling. The method is...

Authors: Abdelhadi Moufki, Daniel Dudzinski, G. Le Coz

Abstract: In this work, a predictive machining theory, based on an analytical thermomechanical approach of oblique cutting [17,18], has been applied...

Authors: Ferdinando Salvatore, Tarek Mabrouki, Hédi Hamdi

Abstract: The present work deals with the presentation of analytical methodology allowing the modeling of chip formation. For that a “decomposition...

Authors: Cedric Bonnet, Brahim Benmohammed, Gérard Poulachon, Joël Rech, Yannick Girard

Abstract: This paper presents a combined experimental and theoretical investigation and proposes a mechanical load modeling of a multidirectional...

Authors: Kamel Mehdi, Ali Zghal

Abstract: A numerical model for prediction of cutting force components in peripheral milling process, including the cutting process damping, is...

Authors: Oscar Gonzalo, Iban Quintana, Jon Etxarri

Abstract: This paper presents a methodology to design and manufacture a chip breaker in a PCD turning tool. The objective is to avoid the surface...

Authors: Fritz Klocke, Dieter Lung, Christoph Essig

Abstract: The aim of the presented work was to define a criterion for the prediction of chip breakage in turning C45E+N (AISI 1045). The chip...

Authors: Mathias Agmell, Aylin Ahadi, Jan Eric Ståhl

Abstract: This study are focused on the deformation zones occurring in the work piece in a machining process and the corresponding cutting forces. The...

Authors: Yan Cheng Zhang, Domenico Umbrello, Tarek Mabrouki, Stefania Rizzuti, Daniel Nelias, Ya Dong Gong

Abstract: Nowadays, numerical simulation of cutting processes receives considerable interest among the scientific and industrial communities. For...

Authors: Francesco Greco, Domenico Umbrello, Serena Di Renzo, Luigino Filice, I. Alfaro, E. Cueto

Abstract: FEM implicit formulation shows specific limitations in processes such as cutting, where large deformation results in a heavy mesh...


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