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Authors: Lin Ma, Troy D. Marusich, Shuji Usui, Jon Wadell, Kerry Marusich, Luis Zamorano, Hari Elangovan
Abstract:Drilling is the source of major cost and time elements in airframe assembly due to hole quality, burr formation, and tool life problems...
Authors: Katrin Heller, Reiner Wohlgemuth, Arnd Meyer, Juergen Leopold
Abstract:The stability of coating-substrate-systems in uences the chip formation and the surface integrity of the new generated workpiece surface,...
Authors: Xiang Yang, Tobias Marx, Marco Zimmermann, Hans Hagen, Jan C. Aurich
Abstract:Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows the animation of machining operations. The kinematic of the machining operation and the geometry of...
Authors: Reimund Neugebauer, Carsten Hochmuth, Gerhard Schmidt, Martin Dix
Abstract:The main goal of energy-efficient manufacturing is to generate products with maximum value-added at minimum energy consumption. To this end,...
Authors: Tobias Surmann, Eduard Ungemach, Andreas Zabel, Raffael Joliet, Andreas Schröder
Abstract:In most cases the simulation of temperature distributions in machined workpieces is carried out by moving a heat source along a predefined...
Authors: Marian Bartoszuk, Wit Grzesik
Abstract:This investigation is devoted to the heat flow problem occurring in dry orthogonal machining of a C45 medium carbon steel performed with...
Authors: Riaz Muhammad, Naseer Ahmed, Yasir Maqbool Shariff, Vadim V. Silberschmidt
Authors: Khurshid Alam, Abdul Ghafoor, Vadim V. Silberschmidt
Abstract:Bone cutting is a frequently used procedure in orthopaedic and neuro surgeries. Current research on bone cutting is concerned with the...
Authors: Pedro A. R. Rosa, Valentino A. M. Cristino, Carlos M.A. Silva, Paulo A. F. Martins
Abstract:This paper is focused on the fundamentals of metal cutting and is aimed at enabling the readers to recognize the validity of test calibration...
Authors: Jae Bong Yang, Wei Tsu Wu, Shesh Srivatsa
Abstract:Finite element modeling of the machining process has been quite successful in recent years. The model can be used to better understand the...
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