Modelling of Machining Operations

Volume 223

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: André Marcon Zanatta, Jefferson De Oliveira Gomes, José Divo Bressan, Celso Antonio Barbosa

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the amount and distribution of inclusions of titanium carbonitride and manganese...

Authors: Sergio Delijaicov, Carlos Eddy Valdez Salazar, Éd Claudio Bordinassi, Linilsson Rodrigues Padovese

Abstract: This work studies the influence of machining parameters, such as cutting speed and forces, feed rate, cutting depth, and tool flank wear,...

Authors: Adalto Farias, Sergio Delijaicov, Marco Stipkovic Filho, Gilmar F. Batalha

Abstract: The purpose is to contribute with information on the resulting surface condition from hard turning process of mechanical components...

Authors: Anamarija Borštnik Bračić, Tobias Surmann, Edvard Govekar

Abstract: In this paper, a novel method for the modeling and characterization of surface structures is presented. The method is based on the...

Authors: Wit Grzesik, Sebastian Brol

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel integrated approach to the prediction of surface generation mechanisms which takes into account both cutting...

Authors: James B. Mann, Yang Guo, Christopher Saldana, Ho Yeung, W. Dale Compton, Srinivasan Chandrasekar

Abstract: Modulation Assisted Machining (MAM), based on controlled superimposition of low-frequency modulation to conventional machining, effects...

Authors: Fritz Klocke, Christof Gorgels, Stefan Herzhoff

Abstract: Tools used in cutting processes with multi-flank chip formation like gear hobbing or bevel gear cutting, often reach their tool life due to...

Authors: Volker Schulze, Frederik Zanger

Abstract: Titanium alloys like Ti‑6Al‑4V have a low density, a very high strength and are highly resistant to corrosion. However, the positive...

Authors: José Henrique De Freitas Gomes, Anderson Paulo De Paiva, João Roberto Ferreira, Sebastião Carlos da Costa, Emerson José De Paiva

Abstract: This work aimed to develop a multiple response optimization procedure for the AISI 52100 hardened steel turning process. Optimizing this...

Authors: Noemia Gomes de Mattos de Mesquita, José Eduardo Ferreira de Oliveira, Arimatea Quaresma Ferraz

Abstract: Stops to exchange cutting tool, to set up again the tool in a turning operation with CNC or to measure the workpiece dimensions have direct...


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